We transform organisations from the inside out

We facilitate individuals in teams and organisations to lead with an empowered brain and an open heart in order to become a powerful cathalyst for change and transformation within the organisation


Our processes, tools and models are based on neuroscience,  within the areas of transformation, change, peak performance and health.


Leadership programs

We teach, facilitate and train you as a leader to become a master of your mind, no matter what goes on in your environment, with people around you, and the circumstances in your life. We teach you how to create a winning attitude, how to sustain a high inner motivation for you and your co-workers, give you tools to handle stress in a productive way. Our models are based on neuroscience.


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From Stress to Creation

With our program designed to prevent and reduce stress and it´s negative effects, we take your business from stress to health and creativity.



Workshops & Lectures

We give workshops and lectures that inspires and develop managers, co workers and teams, within areas such as; Neuroscience and Leadership, Purpose, Vision and Mission, Motivation, The Purpose driven Company, From Survival to Creation - The Stress resistant company,


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is about the ability to shorten the time your emotional reactions to people, events and things in your environment lasts. People who have trained this ability become more creative, more innovative, communicate better and become more productive in their lives and in their workplace.




HeartMind Empowerment ... is about authenticity and leading with a coherent heart and brain. We develop companies by facilitating teams and individuals to become more aware of their mindset. Based on the latest neuroscience, we teach them how to change their thinking patterns and actions to create new opportunities and be transformed from the inside out. This has a direct effect on their leadership qualities which results in higher performance within the organization, enhanced corporate culture and empowered teams and co- workers all working towards the same vision, mission and purpose.

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