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HeartMind Empowerment ... is about authenticity and leading with coherent heart and brain. We develop companies by facilitating teams and individuals to become more aware of their mindset. Based on the latest neuroscience, we teach you how to change your thinking patterns and actions to create new opportunities and be transformed from the inside out. This has a direct effect on your leadership qualities which results in higher performance within the organization, enhanced corporate culture and empowered teams and co-workers, all working towards the same vision, mission and purpose.


Anna Ullenius

Anna has a master degree in Social Science and Psychology and has been working with her passion and dedication to unlocking potentials in leaders, individuals, teams and organizations for over 25 years. Through proven techniques based on neuroscience, she guides them from information through transformation to increased awareness and resilience, upgraded team performance, and organizational change and productivity.


Anna gives workshops and classes globally in areas as leadership and personal tranformation. One of Annas speciallites is to use horses as co facilitators working with leaders, individuals and teams.

Anna is a certified  NeuroChangeSolutions (NCS) consultant, trained and certified by neuroscientist, researcher, global lecturer Dr Joe Dispenza who is also the founder of NeuroChangeSolutions,  As a NCS consultant Anna works with neuroscience based formula for change. Click for Flier and Bio.   Anna is also a Certifierad Zen-Coach, NLP-Master and NLP-Coach, amongst many other modalities she has studied in the area of transformation and personal development.


Anna Ullenius

Hanna Valdevi

Hanna has a Master Degree in Business Economics & Marketing and 25 years of corporate experience, including 12 years working as a manager in International companies and 13 years of consulting experience in the areas of Executive Leadership Training, Coaching and Organizational & Team development. 


Hanna is dedicated to facilitating individuals, teams and organizations to go beyond their current thinking. Through proven techniques based on neuroscience, she guides people through transformation to increased resilience, upgraded team performance, and organizational change. 

Hanna is certified by  NeuroChangeSolutions (NCS) and use their formula, developed by Dr Joe Dispenza, based on neuroscience. She is also a certified professional coach (ICF), Leadership trainer and EQ-consultant and has a license in several different personality test tools such as EQ-i, Facet 5 and GDQ.

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