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Do you want to grow your business? Are you interested in tapping into your full potential to see what you can make possible for yourself, your company and the people around you?
This program is created by the researcher and lecturer Dr Joe Dispenza and it is based on 25 years of his breakthrough research in Neuroscience, Biology and Epigenetics. Dr. Joe ́s research team has conducted over 8500 brain scans, and now we know that there is a formula. A formula that we can teach people to obtain sustainable change. In this Workshop you will receive tools for change and the know how, to thrive in a challenging environment, and to succeed both in the personal and professional realm.  It is designed to facilitate you and your staff to develop into a creative, committed and fully-engaged team.


The “Change Your Mind...Create New Results” workshop uses a dynamic combination of science, videos, and in-class practices to teach you how to maximize the most powerful tool available: your brain. As a result, participants will make significant shifts in perspectives and possibility thinking. These shifts translate into increased professional performance and collective organizational change.


With this workshop, and recommended group coaching, you will:

  • Learn how the brain works and why this is important for change

  • Set intentions for yourself and your organization, becoming more productive and less distracted

  • Apply practices, based on neuroscience, to create pathways to new potentials becoming more open to new ideas and less stuck in the past

  • Experience how to mentally rewire your brain to be more creative and less rigid and fearful


In what ways is ways is this workshop different from other? And what results and outcome can you expect as a result of this workshop?

This workshops gives you both the neuroscience and knowledge about how to create sustainable change and the tools and processes for it. If you apply this to your life and your business you will experience more clarity, awareness, stress resilance and you can start to create from a sense of purpose, and a stronger and clearer vision of the future. 


Dr. Joe Dispenza, has worked closely with master trainers and curriculum design experts to create a program specifically designed to facilitate organizational change. Through a rigorous application, selection, and certification process, Dr. Dispenza has personally certified and trained us to deliver this work.


Upcoming workshops:

SWEDEN stockholm, april 18-19, 2020

Time: Saturday the 18 st of April 9.30-19.00, Sunday the 19th of April 9.00-18.00,


Course leader: Anna Ullenius 




Finland Helsinkki, TBA 2020

Time: 9.00 - 18.00


Place: TBA Central Helsinkki,


Course leader: Anna Ullenius 



Above you can listen to Dr Joe Dispenza as he talks about the workshop.

Some of our Testiomonials:

"I had the pleasure to attend the Change Your Mind....Workshop, I strongly recommend it as it provides a clear methodology for a self change process. At the end of the day no one is going to do it for you, you just need to have the tools to do it yourself. The program is routed in the latest advancements on the neuroscience of the brain and body, it is suitable for any level of the firm either be it a junior manager to the C-suit board of directors, all in all it fits everyone. Finally one word for the amazing professionalism and knowledge of Anna, definitely we were in good hands, her ability to connect and share her own transformation voyage is truly inspiring and reassuring"


-Pericles Moira, Business Analyst Consultant


“In the workshop, I learned what the human mind is capable of and now I have the knowledge and power to change anything. Anna was amazing she has such passion
and knowledge! I recommend it to anyone looking to become greater leaders, it changes lives!”      

                - Travis Oster COO Osters Farm Ltd

This workshop helped me set clear goals, find myself and start the change towards what I really want for my company, but also privately. Dr. Joe Dispenza's tools and Anna's experience are a perfect match! GO!"    

-Susanna Heli, CEO of FUR AB


"This workshop was brilliant! The facilitator was very present and powerful with kindness and caring that invites you to open up. Understanding the science behind change and understanding how your brain and body works, empowered me with the knowledge to make another choice and actually change. It also gave me tools to work with other people and to better manage the people I work with. Making it easier and more fun for everyone. The results have also shown up in my personal life, I have a connection with my husband and my children that's greater and more loving for me and them. This training has truly changed my life and my future! "

-Katherine CEO

Power Performance Horses

"There are no words to describe the phenomenance, transformation and future

creation that took place during this class and now some weeks after it is still changing and improving, I feel much more present and calmer, my old pattern of reactions are gone."


- Kristen Laundres Huges, Owner


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