Dear Stress -  Let´s break up!


- A program that takes you from stress and survival to harmony, health and joy of life

With the help of new knowledge derived from neuroscience and new research mixed with practical exercises and meditations, you will support processes that go from stress, imbalances, fears, and disharmony to creating a life with greater inner calm, clarity, new insights, balance and joy of life. 

You will be supported throughout the process from fears, obstacles, imbalances and limitations, to balance, clarity, power and endless possibilities. Between the occasions will be given tasks to do at home.

You get to know how your brain and body interact, why your body becomes chemically dependent on stress hormones after prolonged stress and what you can do to change it. You will gain insights into how incredibly powerful your thoughts and emotions are and how they affect your health (and your future) on more levels than you may be aware of. When you change how you think and feel, you change your health and your life. We show you the way how you can access the brain and body operating system so you can create real change.


This program is for you that:

  • Want to end the viscious cirkel of stress

  • Suspect that you are a "stress junkie"

  • Have lived in stress for a long time

  • Have or have had fatigue syndrome

  • Have stress-related symptoms use brain fog, concentration difficulties, mood swings, memory impairment, palpitations, sleep disturbances, depression, helplessness, dizziness, high blood pressure,


AND for You that: 

  • Want to go from survival mode to creativity

  • Longing for energy and joy

  • Want to be more harmonious

  • Want to be empowered by your future and your "future self"

  • Want to be more present and connected

  • Want to create your dream life

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