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Isolation and NEW creation


Learn to Change and create, get tools to help you overcome Social Isolation. How can we change the anxiety and stress from forced social isolation to creation? How to cope with extreme societal change and be able to set new horizons? In this webinar we will discuss the basis of the methodology underlying successful personal development processes and how that can assist you in a time of crisis.


Invited Speaker:

Anna Ullenius is a Certified NeuroChangeSolutions Consultant based in Sweden, trained and certified by Dr Joe Dispenza. Anna's career is dedicated to unlocking potentials in leaders, individuals, teams and organizations, for over 25 years. Anna currently hosts a workshop, Change your Mind Create New Results, focusing on teaching methodology for sustainable personal change based on the latest Neuroscience research about the human brain. In this Webinar we are going to discuss the main aspects of how individuals and organizations can embrace a process of change from within and create emotional separation from the external environment. 


Date and Time: Monday 17hrs CET +1



- Brief Introduction by Pericles Moreira on his participation on Change your Mind Create New Results workshop.

- Presentation by the speaker Anna Ullenius

- Q&A


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Meeting ID: 592 967 775

Password: 058585

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