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Leadership program

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HeartMind Empowerment's leadership program is built on the latest neuroscience. The program lifts leadership, stimulates innovation, increases creativity, efficiency and performance in your organization. 


We teach you as a leader to choose your thoughts and create a winning attitude, maintain high internal motivation, master your mental states, regardless of the environment and people around you, and to manage stress appropriately. 


The program takes you through a process where you learn to use the brain to go from learning new knowledge and initiation to becoming a master in leading yourself and others. The leadership development program is tailored to the needs of the company.


The program includes:

  • Analysis of your needs together with your manager.     

  • 1.5 day workshop "Change Your Mind...Create New Results" based on the latest neuroscience. Participants learn how to harness the incredible power of the brain to create dynamic change both individually and within the organization. This knowledge is the basis on which the program is based.     

  • EQ test that every individual does online. An EQ measurement creates insight and gives a picture of the current situation. The EQ profile shows your strengths and areas of development.  Individual action plan    

  •  X number of individual coach meetings of 1.5 h (number of meetings varies according to identified needs)     

  • The program contains modules such as:

    • Mental training for Vision and Goal programming      

    • Mental training for reprogramming negative habits and attitudes         

    • You will learn how to choose and manage your thoughts and self-regulate your emotional states.         

    • Time management and scheduling         

    • Stress management for you and knowledge about stress and employees         

    • Communication, feedback, sensitive conversations and conflict management     

  • Training material with exercises and self-analysis     

  • Exercise time: 4-6 months. Training takes place at the participant's workplace unless we have agreed otherwise     

  • We conclude the program with a follow-up measurement of EQ and see how big the difference has become and follow-up and measurement of the overall development process.

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