New as a manager

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The New as a manager program begins with a survey of the new manager's needs

together with the individual and his boss.


Then we carry out:

- A EQ test: to measure the emotional abilities (Eq:i Baron test))

- A Personality test (Facet5) : to get a good current situation analysis and create self-awareness about what governs the person's behaviors, driving forces, attitudes and working methods.

After mapping the person's individual needs and reviewing the above

tests, we work our way through the following modules.

- Specialist vs manager: To think about when you go from employee to manager

- Double Representation: Who do I represent? Employee vs. employer expectations

- Group development: FIRO's model over different phases of groups

- Coaching leadership: Tools and approaches

- Competence and situational leadership: Leadership styles and efficiency

- Conflict management: Conflict styles and influence styles. Mapping of own conflict style by a test.

- Difficult conversations: Preparation, implementation and control of conversations

- To provide feedback

In addition to this, we will work with the personal leadership qualities that the new manager wants to develop / strengthen during the year and how to handle different situations which arises when he/she takes over as manager. We will do this in ongoing coaching sessions.