change your mind...create new results

(With follow up day for intergartion and implementation)

This program is based on the latest neuroscience, a mix of practical exercises, mental training and coaching to integrate and implement the knowledge from the workshop "Change Your Mind… Create New Results" developed by Dr. Joe Dispenza.


The effects of these days are empowered and improved personal leadership, new thoughts and states of being, increased creativity, efficiency and performance in your leadership and thus in your organization.


The effect of this course is that you will become more balanced, harmonious and achieve better results. As a leader, we teach you how to implement the new knowledge, so you master your states, create a winning attitude, maintain high internal motivation, master your mental states, regardless of the environment and people around you, and manage stress appropriately. Your new personal leadership will inspire others.

This helps you;     

  • Get a clearer and more honest picture of your goals and really want and get tools to get you there.     

  • Become strong and strong in the future. Know how to move from stress to creativity and productivity without stressing your body with stress hormones.     

  • Get rid of success blocks and subconscious programs that stop you from being and acting like your desirable self.     

  • Start creating a more authentic life from the heart and where you are "master of your mind and body".     

  • Communicate more authentically, heart-centered and with clarity and compassion.


You will implement your new knowledge which you can actively work on in various types of exercises that are about you, your professional role and your life. This gives you increased self-awareness so you can put an end to stress, old limiting programs and belief systems and create a new self with new resources that will take you into the future that you long for. The program takes you through a process where you learn to use your brain optimally, to go from learning new knowledge and initiation to becoming a master in leading yourself and others.

If you are a business leader and work with people in different forms, the knowledge from these course days is very important and very useful.


Next CYM with follow up day: 24-26th of Januari, 2020


date & time: Saturday the 24th of January at 4.30 pm, Saturday 25th of January: 10.00-6.30, Sunday: 9.00-17.00


location: Coachhuset, Luntmakargatan 52, Stockholm, SWEDEN


Trainer: Anna Ullenius,  Certified by Dr Joe Dispenza,  NeuroChangeSolution Consult




Above you can listen to Dr Joe Dispenza as he talkes about the Change Your Mind...Create New Results

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