Sick leave due to mental illness not only costly to the individuals but also very costly to the companies

Mental illness is the most common cause of sick leave in Sweden. From 2011 to mid-year 2017, the number of sick leave due to mental illness increased by 129 percent, and now accounts for about 50% percent of all ongoing sick leave. According to existing research, a burnt-out employee costs nearly SEK 400 000 (Source: Arbetsmiljöverket).


the stress recilent company

With our program, specifically designed to prevent and reduce stress and its negative effects, your organization can create:     

  • Higher resistance to stress     

  • Increased productivity and efficiency    

  • Increased creativity and commitment     

  • Better cooperation climate and fewer conflicts     

  • Promoting corporate culture     


Higher well-being of individuals and sustainable health Program layout:     

  • Inventory and analysis of stressors in your workplace     

  • 12 hour workshop with important basic knowledge about how stress affects the brain cognitive abilities, health and productivity of employees. The workshop is distributed over 1.5 days or 3 half days.     

  • Development of an action plan for possible future actions.

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